Why You Should Ditch Your Baby’s Walker/March-Bebe

Why you should ditch your little one's “Baby wheeled Walker”/ “Marche- Bebe”

Because it’s not safe & no it doesn’t teach your baby how to walk!!

We never used one , the thing is I did a research about it and then my Twin sister informed me that it’s banned in Canada since 2004 (where she’s staying now) yes it’s banned in Canada and soon to be banned in more countries!

It was banned because too many babies hurt themselves by falling down the stairs or by flipping over!!

By using one , the walker’s tray will block your baby’s lower body view and he/she won’t get the whole information needed about their motor development

Plus it will only strength their lower feet and not the upper ones (that’s why most babies walk on their tip toes )

“The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using walkers not only because they can discourage your child from learning to walk on his own, but also because they can be dangerous”

In fact, studies have shown that babies who use a walker may actually learn to walk about a month later than those who don’t. Walkers allow babies to move around before they are physically ready for it, which can cause unusual movement patterns and delayed muscle control”

Mamas check with your pediatrician 1st and ditch those baby walkers !

Let your babies roam freely , with supervision of-course 🙂 

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