Nursing/Baby Changing Rooms in Lebanon

Nursing Rooms in Malls

ABC Ashrafieh (My Favorite)

  • Location: At L3, Facing the elevator, next to the WC
  • Facilities: 3 Breastfeeding/Changing Rooms with a seat and a table – Washbasin

ABC Dbayeh

  • Location: Level 1, Customer Service Dept.
  • Facilities: 2 Nursing Chairs, 1 Blue & 1 Pink, Washbasin

ABC Verdun

  • Location: 4th Floor, Next to Magic Planet

Dunes Center

  • Location: -2, facing women’s WC. It’s actually the baby changing room, but it has comfy seats and you can close the door for some privacy!

City Center, Hazmieh

  • Location: Next to the food court, next to the WC
  • Facilities: A family room with playing area. 2 BF rooms and one toddler WC – Microwave.

City Mall, Dawra

  • Location: Level 3, Near Food Court
  • Facilities: 2 Couches & Washing Area

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