• Brase By S Bracelet Ramadan Collection


    Ramadan Bracelet 💫

    An initiative by Brase By S & Mama Bear Lebanon during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Proceeds from the Ramadan bracelet will go to Wrapped in Dignity NGO

    Kids bracelets : available in 3 designs
    Heart , moon & star
    Also available in 4 different colours
    Black, mint, blue & pink

    Adult Ramadan values bracelets
    Available in 4 colours
    Black, grey, beige & red ( contact us for colour samples )

    About Wrapped in dignity :

    WID was initiated by friends who felt a growing need in the Lebanese society, where the most basic necessities were lacking. We did not only believe in helping as such. We wanted to go the extra mile and serve families in dignity, the same way any of us would like to be treated. Soon enough, we were joined by almost 200 volunteers from all religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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