10 healthy locally made snacks for both adults & kids that are perfect on the go

Here’s a list of our favorite made in Lebanon snacks that are deliciously healthy we always keep in our pantry !

1- Tricker treat


Founded by a mother, Tricker Treat is a Lebanese born brand that offers healthy snack alternatives and meals for children and their families.
Handmade using the best fresh and organic ingredients, Tricker Treat snacks and meals are all natural, and free from refined sugar.
Tricker Treat snacks and meals are famous for being packed with lots of hidden cheeky superfoods!

2- Mama sues


Mama Sue’s makes healthy snacks free of refined flours, refined sugars, artificial coloring/flavoring, and preservatives for all ages and dietary restrictions

3- Oatcetera


We have oat based snacks with no added sugar. We use natural sweeteners like honey, grape molasses, carob molasses or banana. We also have vegetable based cupcakes, muffins and cakes for kids


4- Litebite


Lite Bite is a healthy food brand that aims to provide our customers with top quality healthy desserts & cakes that are vegan, refined sugar free & gluten free. We also offer daily diet boxes for weight loss that are customized for each of our clients. We also sell nut butter jars that are free of preservatives, added sugar or added oils.


5- Taqa


TAQA is a bakery that cares! We are a healthy snack provider that produces a selection of oat cookies, oat maamouls, dried fruit and nut bars, bread, and crackers. Our factory is ISO 22000:2005 certified, and we continuously work on acquiring food management certifications. TAQA products are free from modern white wheat, milk products, GMOs, palm oil, corn and soy flour. At TAQA, quality, reliability and value are paramount because these are the things we do best.


6-Bites of delights


Filled to the brim with the finest, freshest ingredients, Bites of delight is the first gluten free factory in Lebanon! Bites of Delight snacks are carefully prepared with the best ingredients at our designated gluten-free facility in Beirut. Our baked snacks are guilt free, gluten free, dairy free, but Oh so yummy!


7-Eshmoon Cereal


Eshmoon Organics is the sub-brand of Eshmoon Holistics that comprises of a variety of healthy alternative food items that are made from natural and organic ingredients. Adopting healthy principles of food combinations, the products are all gluten free, sugar free and dairy free.


8-Raw bites


ATTENTION : contains peanuts 🥜

They recently launched a new flavor thyme “

Raw Bites snacks are made with 100% natural ingredients. Basically, only pure fruits, legume, grains, dairy and nuts are used to create our nutritious munchies. Free from all kinds of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, processed sugars, colorings, food preservatives and additives. Our products are tested by an official approved laboratory (IRI) Industrial Research Institute and our milk protein are approved by “United States Department of Agriculture” (USDA).

9-Oh bake house


Oh! Bakehouse concept was created to revolutionize the way we eat dessert and bread, and to prove that traditional pastry ingredients can be easily replaced with healthier ones and still taste as good, if not better! And we love to share that passion with you…

Most of our ingredients are certified organic, and we are gradually working on making this list bigger to include 100% of the ingredients. We always strive to source the best ingredients possible, and we never use any hidden ingredients


10- PomettoApple chips


Dehydrated and super crunchy Apple Chips are a simple sweet satisfying hit.

Easiest, most Convenient and Tastiest way to ensure you are getting a hit of nutrients and goodness that your body needs to stay healthy.

11- Grapeful


Grapeful tells a beautiful story of generosity , community , and taste.Their journey to providing people with wholesome and delicious natural products began over a hundred years ago in the picturesque village of Rashaya in Lebanon.

The end !

Most of these products are available at Marqet , Mint basil & LivGood

Check them out and always support local businesses 🇱🇧

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